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. . . you havenít lived 'til youíve heard a Mozart string quartet played on clarinets!

A Resource for Clarinetists in Los Angeles and World Wide
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The Entire Clarinet Institute Collection of  Sheet Music Is Now Available on CD!

There are over 800 PDF files in the Clarinet Institute music collection.  It would take hours to download and catalog them all.  Now you can have all the solos, duets, trios, quartets and chamber music... the entire collection...  all in one place.... and it only costs ten dollars!  Click Here for more information

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Clarinet  Recordings Archive

Nielsen Concerto T-shirt


Local Music Ensembles  -  Check out the opportunities to play clarinet ensemble music in the Los Angeles area. Three things usually happen when you play clarinet ensemble music:

1.  You play great music
2.  You meet great people
3.  You have fun!  

The Institute Store  -   Browse through our growing selection of clarinet products and PDF sheet music for Clarinet, Flute and Woodwind Quintet.  Don't spend hours searching the internet for music.... we've done the work for you!  We're archivists.  That's what we do!

The Nielsen Concerto on a T-Shirt!   -   Is it possible?  Yes!  Check it out here.

Find a Teacher  -  If you are looking for a clarinet teacher in the greater Los Angeles area, here is the place to find a highly qualified and experienced instructor for all levels. 

Free Clarinet Sheet Music  -  The PDF Archives.  Browse through our library of out-of-print and out-of-copyright music.  This music would normally be lost to the clarinet community without this service. There is a wealth of music here for clarinet and piano, clarinet and strings and woodwind quintet.  Much of this music has been lost to the clarinet community for over a hundred years and is now being made available free of charge. There is also a huge quantity of music written recently and donated to the public domain.

Midi Files  -   Here is a vast library of clarinet music in midi format.  It is quick and easy to use your computer as an accompanist.

Clarinet Music by New Composers  -  The Institute actively supports the works of new composers for clarinet. There is some very exciting music being written out there!  Our purpose is to bring this amazing body of work to the attention of the world-wide clarinet community.  

Clarinet Mp3 Recordings -  Looking for a piece to play for your upcoming recital?  Do you want to hear it before you buy it?  Ever wonder what the Hindemith Concerto sounds like?  Here's the place to find recordings of much of the standard (and not so standard) literature for the clarinet and clarinet ensembles.

Clarinet Videos -  Check out the array of live clarinet performances on video.  Now you can see what it looks like to play the Francaix Concerto....

Planning a Party? -  If your wedding or party is anywhere in Southern California, the Clarinet Institute can provide a professional quality Clarinet Quartet to perform..  Suitable for both outdoor and indoor events, a clarinet quartet will make your next event one that your guests will enjoy and remember.

Quartet Project -  Don't just sit there!  Get up and start your own clarinet quartet.  We have some tips on how to get started.

Here are 2 reasons why we like making music:

Reason #1                        Reason #2

And now, for some clarinet humor - The Bass Clarinet Showdown!  click here    


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