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Suggested Description

The Clarinet Institute of Los Angeles provides a web site serving the world-wide clarinet community.  They offer the following services to clarinet players everywhere:

  • A large library of midi files of clarinet music.  The files can be used as accompaniment for clarinet solo rehearsal.

  • Free scores of clarinet music.  These are pdf files of out of copyright music provided 
    free of charge

  • Mp3 files of clarinet performances

  • Videos of clarinet performances

  • Opportunities to network and play chamber music in the Los Angeles area


Here is a shorter version:

The Clarinet Institute of Los Angeles serves the world-wide clarinet community.  It offers a multitude of clarinet related music files in MIDI, MP3 and video format you can listen to at the click of your mouse.  It also maintains the largest collection of free out-of-copyright clarinet music on the web.





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